Uplifting Lives Through
Social Technology

Siglo’s mobile app is an integrated e-payment ecosystem that revolves around prepaid mobile reloading services. It also collects and organizes data in order to provide Filipinos with better access to capital, opportunities, and information.

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Technopreneurs: Creating value with opportunities at hand.

Selling prepaid credits isn’t new. But with Siglo’s value-creating platform, member technopreneurs, or “negosyantechs”, can earn commissions and thus more income, leading to better lives for tomorrow.

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Why Siglo?



The Siglo platform uses technology to not only promote micro entrepreneurship, but also help big businesses and the public reach out to each other better.



Our less fortunate brothers and sisters at the grassroots level can earn more through becoming technopreneurs, or “negosyantechs”, and earning commissions from selling prepaid credit.



The wider Siglo ecosystem, coupled with education and training, provides the right tools for today’s Filipino to engage more deeply with the world, and create opportunities not just for themselves, but for others as well.

How it works

  • Micro-Entrepreneurs

    Creating Technopreneurs.

    Our member technopreneurs, or “negosyantechs”, create value for themselves and those around them by earning from prepaid mobile reloading services.

  • Partners

    Creating Opportunities.

    As a partner, you invest in the best of the best of our assets – the Filipino people – by providing them the initial capital to jumpstart their “technoprises”, with a return from the daily sales.

  • Suppliers

    Creating Markets.

    Technology-related or otherwise, businesses can contribute their products and services to the Siglo platform and enjoy the perks only an ecosystem and community can provide.

  • Customers

    Creating Experiences.

    Customers can not only top up their prepaid credit, but can also enjoy loyalty perks and even win raffles!


Be a Siglo Partner!

Organization and Siglo screening

Screening of deserving candidates belonging to the lower income community.

Step 1

Partner Support

Partner provides P20,000 cash assistance and gets 0.5% return from the community sales daily.

Step 2

Start Business

P1,000 start-up capital will be distributed to 20 micro-entrepeneurs in the community.

-Each micro-entrepreneur is required to sell P1,000 worth of products and replenish their funds daily.

Step 3

Be part of our community

Join us on the road to greatness! Tell us your email address and we will deliver all the information you need to become a part of us right to your inbox.


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