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Siglo equips, empowers, and uplifts the grassroots Filipinos by turning them into technopreneurs, or “negosyantechs”, which in turn also promotes entrepreneurship as an effective way of creating more value for society. These micro-entrepreneurs engage in prepaid credit reloading services, selling credits from all of the major telecommunications networks in the Philippines, such as Globe, Smart, Sun, and their respective subsidiaries. Other technology-based services, such as application generation, bills payment, remittances, and e-commerce, also enable them to earn commissions that can lead to a more sustainable living.

Create Opportunities


The Siglo technopreneurs are able to jumpstart their businesses through the help of Partners, who can be either individual (through crowdsourcing) or organizational (banks or microfinance institutions). Partners invest capital in the technopreneurs, and generate a return of 0.5% of daily sales. This provides opportunities for them to both earn and help at the same time

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Creating Markets


Suppliers help build and grow the Siglo ecosystem and community by providing their products and services that can be sold or availed through mobile technology. Their products and services do not have to be technology-related per se, as long as they can use technology to contribute to the online marketplace. Chief among the suppliers are the telecommunications companies whose prepaid reloading services are sold by technopreneurs, but also range from mobile banking or payment services to e-commerce.

Creating Experiences


Customers who reload their prepaid mobile credits from Siglo technopreneurs do so with the knowledge that they contribute to uplifting the lives of these micro-entrepreneurs. They also get to join Siglo’s loyalty program and enjoy greater perks and benefits the more they patronize Siglo’s services. On top of this, buying prepaid credits enlists them in regular raffles and gives them chances to win big prizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Siglo Access Numbers

Siglo Access Numbers

How to Change Pin?

Question 1

CPIN <Old Pin> <New Pin>

Ex: CPIN 1234 1111

How to sell prepaid load?

Question 2

<Mobile # of Recipient> <Prod Code> <Pin>

Ex: 09181234567 30 1111

How to check balance?

Question 3

BAL <Pin>

Ex: BAL 1111

How to transfer Siglo Wallet to another Siglo member?

Question 4

<Mobile # of Recipient> LF<Amount> <Pin>

Ex: 09181234567 LF1000 1111

How to replenish your Siglo Wallet?

Bank Details Question 5

A. Go to the nearest bank and fill up deposit slip under Cash :

Bank Account Details:
BDO : 108-800-8519
Metrobank : 513-7513-020909
Smart Money : 5577-5193-3247-0104

Account Name : Technominds-Easco Inc.

B. Send deposit details to any Siglo Access Number
Ex: HELP I deposited P1000 in BDO Timog , 1120am. Pls. credit. Thank you

For other questions and concerns

Question 6

HELP <your message>

Ex: HELP how to join?


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